Trident v2: more info soon


We provide here a list of a few of the presentations we have given providing more insight to the Trident system, how it is used and how it is developing.

Conference Title Presenter When Location Slides Preview
Bsides Zurich The Social Networks of the Security Community Jeroen Massar 2017-09-23 Zurich, Switzerland PDF
ISOI XV (Internet Security Operations & Intelligence) Trident - Sharing is Scaring The Bad Guys Jeroen Massar 2015-10-08 Dublin, Ireland PDF
Cybersecurity Coordination and Cooperation Colloquium (f41lf3st 2015) Trident - Toothed and Pronged Jeroen Massar 2015-06-18 Talinn, Estonia PDF

Please contact us in case a in-depth presentation is wanted.

Find more related presentations on Jeroen Massar's presentation page.