Trident v2: more info soon

Debian Packages

This is the Debian package repository of Trident to automate installation and upgrade. These packages are auto-generated by our Jenkins server.

How to use this repository?

To use this repository, please add the trident-repository package to your system. This package sets up the PGP key of the repository, as our packages are signed, and restricts what can be installed from the repository (see below).

wget -O trident-repository.deb
dpkg -i trident-repository.deb

Update your local package index, then install Trident:

apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -u
apt-get install trident

Follow the instructions to setup nginx in and you should have a running Trident system.

What packages are published in this repository?

We only publish Trident relevant packages. The trident-repository package also installs apt-pins restricting installation of other packages.

Package NameDescription
trident the main package (depends on trident-server + trident-cli)
trident-server the server package
trident-cli the CLI package
trident-wikiexport the Wiki Export package
trident-repository the repository package containing the APT sources, PGP key and APT pins
epiceditor the editor used in the wiki
trident-src Golang Source: Trident
pitchfork-src Golang Source: Pitchfork
trident-ext-src Golang Source: various Golang libraries that have not made it into Debian yet

Sources for all of these packages can be found in our GitHub repository as this is where they are built from. All packages should be reproducible from Git.

Why is Trident not in Debian proper?

Trident is still under development and the code changes often. As such, using this repository allows one to have the newest version very quickly. This allows us to resolve issues found quickly.