Trident v2: more info soon


Trident is a trusted and secure communication platform for enabling better communication between groups of trusted parties. The origins in Trident lie in the Ops-Trust platform. With other and alternate users of the Ops-Trust portal platform a need for a cleaner code base and more features was needed. This was the birth of the Trident project to further spread the communication abilities.

Users / Installations

Due to the nature of Trident, installations and user details are not publically listed. Many of the installations can be recognized as the 'purple site' though.

Trident Editions

There are two editions of Trident.

  • v1, which is the original edition, in use at various large installations
  • v2, the future: in alpha testing at some smaller sites

Trident v1

Trident v1 is currently in operation at various sites and distributed though github. v1 is in maintainance mode: bugs are being fixed and new releases being made.

Trident v2

Trident v2 is the next major release under the idea "Mistakes were made from which we have learned", and will be a rewrite that adheres much better to idiomatic Go as lots has been learned in the time since starting the work on v1 of Trident.

Trident v2 is being designed around using the Mesyx Message Exchange which will enable a more logical communication for all involved parties allowing participants to select the communication style that they wish.

Next to fixing quirks in the library style split of trident/pitchfork this will make it easier to extend and reuse the complete codebase as more packages will be used for the whole system. It will also feature a proper REST interface, to whom the CLI will be talking, instead of having a split HTTP/CLI interface. This REST interface will allow for distributed setups but also federation of nodes as datasharing becomes easier.

v2 is currently being designed and is already partially implemented.


The Trident project is physically located in Switzerland and is a project of Secluded Society. The Secluded Society accepts code and financial contributions from users worldwide: the Internet has no borders and everybody should have access to secure and private communications.

The main person behind Trident is Jeroen Massar.

Open Source

Trident is Open Source software, our software is published under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Source code is published at Trident @ GitHub. Please read our contributions section for details on how to contribute to Trident development.