Trident v2: more info soon


Welcome to the Home of the Trident Project.

The Secluded Society's goal is to further secure and trusted communications. For attaining this goal we are providing our key tool: Trident.

Trident is a trusted and secure communication platform for enabling better communication between groups of trusted parties.

Please check our About and Presentations and Documentation pages for more in-depth details.


Please report issues using the GitHub Issue trackers mentioned below.

Generally tickets can be filed in the Trident Issue Tracker @ GitHub.

If it is a pitchfork framework issue then an issue can be filed at Pitchfork.

Code branch names will be tr_XXX or pf_XXX to indicate which issue they are referencing.

Developer Tools

Following are links for Developers and other contributors to Trident.

Pull requests are heavily appreciated, but before starting work, please do discuss the feature/issue first with the developer team first by opening a ticket with details of the problem you are trying to address. This to avoids conflicting work.

Public Resources:

For planning and tracking of special requests from various user groups around the world we additionally have a few resources that require a Trident Developer Login.

Secluded's new Yuka tool will be used for automatically building packages, issue tracking and project planning.